Under no cirmstances should any job seekers out even consider working for IES. Industrial Emergency Services. I made that mistake and moved down to Baton Rouge and on good faith established a residence and signed an apartment lease. Now I was forced to quit and I am stuck holding a Bag that is rapidly filling up with debt. To keep from total financial collapse I may have to go to Iraq and loose my fiancée in the process.
This place is based out of the Motiva refinery in Convent La. There are an OSHA Fire department…not an NFPA. None of their “Specially trained” recruits that came up from the ranks have any NFPA, Pro-Board or IFSAC Certifications. But they are obsessed with the “IES way” which is an excuse for one of their chiefs to live his “Marine Corp fantasy” Now before all the former Marines who read these go nuts this guy was only in for 6 years but he acts like he’s retired. He also wasn’t USMC Crash crew so he knows nothing about real FD’s. During their rookie schools you’re treated like your in boot camp and they go out of their way to harass you during training. When training to hook up to a hydrant you don’t need a full hose stream in your face. This group hates outsiders but is being forced to hire from the outside. So the established crew there is very standoffish at best, hostile at worst. This guy also expects you to stand at parade rest when he screams at you and expects total submission to his way which is the wrong way. The bottom line is this: I am proud that I served my country for 13 years including a deployment to Iraq but I am not in the military any more. Their answer to this is “We are a para-military organization”. So every day at work you have to watch your back and worry about being fired. I will not drop names but this chiefs name is the same as a near by town. He also believes in drinking and driving which I have personally witnessed. The pay is good but the hassle is not worth the money.
The job consists of being a fire inspector for an oil refinery. Easy work but the way the chiefs treat you makes this job a living hell. When something happens their way is hook up a 6 inch supply line. Deploy 5 inch lines to monitors. They wouldn’t know how to handle an office building fire to save their lives.
Save yourselves the trouble and never consider this place of employment