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    Question What would be the best personal light?

    There is much discussion on what light is the best personal light (ex: Koehler Bright Star's Right Angle or Streamlight's Survivor) but can anyone describe their version of the "Best Personal Light"? Example: Would it be LED or xenon? How should it be shaped? How much should it weigh?

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Light

    I love the Foxfury Command 20 LED light.

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    A Surefire 9P with a Malkoff Devices M60L LED drop-in. It will give you at least 6 continuous hours of 140 lumens light. If you go with the M60LL you'll get 12 hours of 80 lumens.

    I have a 6P/M60LL combo teatherd to my gear with a gear keeper.

    If you want to awesome info about flashlights, visit candlepower forums.
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    We've always sworn by the Streamlight Survivors. My only complaint is with the xenon bulbs you really need to be concious of keeping it charged. Recently one of my agencies switched to the LED version of the Survivor that not only lasts 10 fold in terms of battery life, it's also brighter and features a steady flashing pattern as well as constant on which also has a dim option.

    I've tried the Pelican Big & Little Ed's, they're nice lights construction wise, but their size's and shape make them both very awkward to use.
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    I carry garrity on helmet and streamlight survivor on jacket, I'm mixed about the Xenon -vs- LED have had mixed results at times. I like the Survivor's strobe for MVCs, day or night traffic can see me.

    Garrity, either type, is long lasting and $3.00+. If it gets cooked, I'm not out of $40.00

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    I've used nothing but pelicans and recently i found my blackjack holder and pelican stealthlite doesn't fit the best on my leather helmet so up top goes a garrity and on and in the jacket are a pelican big ed and super sabrelite . But I'm not the type of guy to push something on someone else. I say go to a school or whatever and try them out and see what you like best.
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    Default Surefire!

    I zipp tied a surefire to the rim of my helmet, and wow!
    easy push button action, and a water tight, light weight alluminim tube is durable as hell.

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