Hey guys - and girls.

New to the site; got a link from a friend about a thread here but figure post #1 should be a short intro.

Gotta keep my specific details kind of vague - I have a tendency to open my mouth when I'm behind a keyboard, and our officers have been known to be less than understanding about anything viewed as criticism - no matter if deserved or not. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm sure there might be one or two folks out there who understand this.

Been in the business for 19 years now. Started on my VFD after taking EMT right after college, have 14 years F/T for a local municipal FD (ALS Xport service - starting my 13th year as a Medic) and 2 years working for .GOV as a GS FF before that.

Got a fair amount of training (for not having wildlands, mountains or caves).

So far the resume includes Fire Apparatus Engineer, high angle, confined space, structural collapse, Haz Mat, Rescue (& ice) diver, Instructor and most recently tactical medic.

Sounds like a lot but it's not - people who claim to "know everything" have failed at learning.

Just make sure I have coffee (as the n00b I'll make sure to keep the senior guys cups filled first) and I should be GTG.

Stay safe,