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    Default Physical Fitness

    I am looking to see if anyone's department require some type of physical exercise for the crew. I work in a same small department were must worry about eating and playing on the computer then getting off there fat ***. I have a couple of guys over 300 lbs on my crew that are suppose to get me out if **** hits the fan. I would like to propose something to the commission board, so I would like to see what everyone is doing and mandated.

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    Take a look at NFPA 1582 which address the medical and fitness program for firefighters. This is a good document to help guide you. With regards to mandating physical fitness workouts, some departments require it and others simly offer the equipment for use. My department provides the space, equipment and the time for on duty personnel to work out as part of their work period.

    Another possibility is to increase the training demand and level of difficulty. This may increase awareness with your fellow firefighters that they need to pay more attention to this.

    The local has the physical fitness time spelled out in the CBA as this was an agreeable solution to both sides as opposed to demanding fitness time.

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    Default Peer fitness

    My department requires the IAFF Peer Fitness test yearly in addition to a regular physical. High scoring members get T-shirts and bragging rights. Those that do not do well are paired with a peer fitness trainer to work one-on-one to improve their fitness. Members that do not pass, and do not improve with training get light-duty assignments until fitness levels improve.

    The Department provides workout equipment and time for on-duty personnel to PT. PT is not required, but most officers monitor the PT of the crew members if it is not done as a scheduled company activity.

    As Frosty said, training can also bring these short comings to light. A recent drill was SCBA 'working time.' All members had to complete fireground tasks (climbing a ladder, high-rise stairs, swinging a sledge hammer, dragging a charge hose line...) repeatedly until a low air alarm came on. All members were timed and the results distributed department wide. This simple drill was an eye opener to some.

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