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    Exclamation These guys have some b*lls!

    Had to share this. Just click the link below.......


    How crazy is that?! I've never heard anything like it before!
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    "Once inside the thief began throwing out boxes of laptops, plasma screen Tvs and other high-end electrical goods," said Manfred Radecke of the police in Dortmund.
    Anyone want to buy a new TV? It.. uh.. fell off the back of a truck
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    I think these guys have watched Mission Impossible a few times too many. Or maybe Jack***** The Movie. Actually its a wonder that they didnt video it and put it on youtube or something.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by MalahatTwo7 View Post
    Actually its a wonder that they didnt video it and put it on youtube or something.....

    What?? Give away our Trade Secrets?? No Way, go learn your own tricks.....
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    If the driver ever saw what was going on,it wouldn't matter what they had blocking the other lane.Most trucks wouldn't notice a Opel Vector going under it.The ride for the guys in back sure wouldn't be like Eddie Murphy's in "Beverly Hills Cop".
    Like Patrick Swaze said when another character asked what made their truck jump in "Black Dog": "Mazda."
    One of my neighbors got tired of his truck being broken into on a certain run out West(LA -coff coff)so he started putting weighted pallets up on an angle on the door before closing it.
    His next run through the neighborhood where he'd seen his doors open he slowed down,saw the doors come open again and then he saw his rigged pallets on the pavement with one set each of arms and legs sticking out like a spider.
    He never had trouble going through there again.
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