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    We have not gotten ours yet but I do have a question, When u resive this particular item does that mean u got the grant or you are close to gettin it, can't remember.

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    Means you are close

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    True it does mean your just close but the way I look at it, why would FEMA waste the time of processing a new 1199A if that had no intention of awarding your grant?????

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    Be careful of being too sure of receiving the grant just from the 1199As. Remember last year there were some people who received 1199A updates that later disappeared. I am not sure those departments ever received a 2007 AFG grant. To me the 10? are a better tell-tale sign. When they ask if you will accept a grant it is pretty safe to say they are going to offer one. Even then, however, it isn't official until they make a public announcement. They contact your congressional members first so they can share the news but that is within a couple of days of the official announcement.

    Best of luck.


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