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    Default Camden county Ga

    I am trying to find out if anyone knows about this dept. I applied there along with a few other depts. on the Ga coast. I havent heard from anywhere else yet but this is my first choice. I currently work for RMA on the southside of ATL, but really want to move to this area of Ga. Any info on this place would be great or any other leads would be helpful. I am not currently a FF only an EMT-I but am hoping to go that direction. Any advice from guys in the area on what I can do to increase my chances would be appreciated. thanks again

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    I applied there as well but I have my NPQ I & II for FF as well as my Florida Paramedic. Have to take the National Registry but hope it isn't too bad. I lived in the area before and it is somewhat quite but is very nice. From my research I have done via the Camden County Website if you explore that and read the recruitment info it is pretty good. You can also go to "you tube" and type in Camden County Fire Rescue and look for videos and info there. The department is fairly small but are striving to become bigger. Thet just added a 5th Rescue (ambulance or life squad depending where you are from) and have I believe 9 stations in all. All 5 of the Life Squads are brand new American Lafrances as well. So overall I believe this is a perfect time to get into a smaller but growing department. Especially when they pay a little more than some of the other departments in the area. Another thing I am led to believe is that they are looking for people with all their certs in line because of the need of people to fill much needed slots. So good luck, I hope this is of some help.

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    If you are comin to Ga as a FF/paramedic you should have plenty of open doors. I checked out the youtube videos looks like good stuff. I guess I am just playing the waiting game now. Good luck

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    Default EMT jobs

    does anyone know if they have any EMT only positions at any of the camden fire departments???

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