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    I am 18 Just graduated from high school. I tried to join the military, but got DQ'ed due to scoliosis (which is spinal curvature). I am trying to choose the right career. I want to be able to help & work with ppl. I've always had a great admiration for firefighters, and I am looking into it. I know that in order to be accepted into the firefighter program, you first have to do a physical. Is scoliosis a disqualifing factor in a firefighter physical? I am in good physical and moral health. I never knew that something was wrong with my back. I play football, baseball and basketball like a normal person.

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    It must not be too bad if you never noticed it. I have never heard of a dept. dq'ing for scoliosis, but i'm sure it varies from dept. to dept. Just keep in mind though, the SCBA will take its toll on a back. You might be fine, but it may hurt you more down the road than you think. There are lots of back injuries in the fire service from the weights we carry and the movements. But then again you played sports and could be in much better shape than 50% of the ff's out there. haha good luck.

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