I have noticed that some departments like Austin and FDNY have not only a minimum age to hire but a maximum age limit of 35 for new hires. I always thought that it was illegal (age discrimination) to use someones age against them, like religion, ethnicity or gender.
The reason I ask is that I am 37 and trying to get a job in the fire service. I am enrolled in a fire academy at the local college. When it comes to the academy I can keep up with all the "kids" on the grinder and in the classroom(I passed all my manipulative tests the first time, no fails), but they do have their way with me when we go running though. We have a mix of cadets from "hogbodies to skinny a@@ 19 year olds.
They may have youth on their side but I have life experience and knowledge that only comes with being an "old man". Many of the cadets in my academy aren't profiecient with hand tools, or using ladders and equipment.
Wouldn't you be cutting out a large segment of applicants by having a maximum age limit.
Several of the instructors in my class always tell me that they know several 35-40 year olds who just got hired. Do you think it is an injury thing or is it that they know they will not get 30 years of service out of us "old guys".