The 190th Air Refueling Wing in Topeka, KS currently has 2 open fire-fighter positions. This job comes with a $20,000 enlistment bonus, student loan repayment program, Kansas College tuition assistance(>90% tuition paid each semester), and the Montgomery GI Bill which is $679/month for college expenses.
These positions are for traditional Air National Guard memberships, meaning a one weekend a month, two weeks a year commitment. There is opportunity to do more than the minimum, but that is up to the individual member. You will be paid at a military paygrade of E-3 the entire time you are in training, and you and your family will be covered under military TRICARE health\dental\life insurance. You can opt to purchase the insurance coverage once training is done for $81/month individual coverage, or $253/month family coverage. The training is among the best you can get. Emphasis on rescue is huge, as you will be trained on how to handle unique situations that can arise from working around all types of military aircraft. Use the very best equipment there is and get paid to do so.
Full-time opportunites arise once in awhile also within ANG units, as well as making ties with unit members who are fire-fighters on the outside in Metro areas. Military experience in general looks good on a resume when applying for fire-fighter positions, but having military fire-fighter training is golden.
Serve your country part time and get the skills, training, and education you need to land a civilian position in fire-fighting.
During training, you will earn credits towards a Community College of the Air Force Associates degree in Fire Protection. This is an accredited Community College that awards thousands of degrees a year for air force members.
Your country is calling for your service, so contact me if you are interested in more information and the official air force job description for these jobs.

Cameron Carlson

Video of the Air Force Fire Protection tech school: