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    All our trucks have scheduled PM's every 100 hours. If all three of our mechanics work on one engine it can be completed in about 2.5 to 3 hours. This includes a number of fluid changes, inspections, and repairs of any non-critical components that were broken during the cycle.

    We do not do ANY maintenance at the station.

    We have 13 apparatus that have a 10 year life cycle. They start at busy companies, and then are handed down to slower companies.

    We've been on the 10 year plan for the last 7 or 8 years, so we still have some apparatus that are early 90's vintage and a couple of reserves that are mid-80's.

    The older trucks as you would expect are out of service more frequently and for longer than the newer trucks. The only time a front line apparatus is down for more than a day is when non-stock parts are ordered and the item is mission critical.

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    Our trucks are down for half a day for routine maintenance about every 100 to 150 hours, If something breaks unexpectedly, we normally fix it ourselves being a small department. We are a combination department so the paid guys and the volunteer guys all bring a lot of different skills to the table as far as working on different systems and whatnot...
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    PM's are done every 3 months or every 3000 miles, whichever comes first. Most PM's take a day to complete.

    The only service done by the crews is topping off fluids, which are checked every morning. Everything else is handled by fleet maintenance.
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