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    Default Bail Out/ Self Rescue technique

    I am looking for a specific technique for emergency bail-out of a 2nd+ floor. I know there are tons of youtube videos using descenders and belts, but I know there are techniques out there for emergencies. I have heard of and seen a technique using just the rope around your leg/waist and/or with a caribiner. I have a Crosby hook attached to a bailout bag of 50ft of 8mm rescue rope. Any help or resources would be great. Thanks!

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    We teach a technique that uses your SCBA cylinder and gloved hands as the friction device. The drill goes like this. First find a good anchor, preferably not the sill right in front of you. It's difficult but not impossible to get on the system with your anchor right there. Take a big loop and toss it over your back or step over it and work the rope down or up until you feel it slip onto the neck of the cylinder. This is the most important part, if it's not on the neck this wont work. Now grab both sides of the rope in front of you, with your gloved hands, palms out thumbs down. Out you go, make sure both hands clear the sill before descent. If you get a hand between the sill and the rope it will hurt, a lot. And you wont go anywhere. Control the descent by gripping or loosening your grip.
    This is very fast and simple to do. Every member of our department has done it, even the largest.
    VERY IMPORTANT use a belay line attached to a harness under the SCBA during training drills. We caught a couple before they got the hang of it.

    Someday we will video it and put it up on youtube.

    Bottom line though if it's a second floor and fire's licking up your butt, slide on out and drop. Broken ankle versus getting cooked, easy choice.

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    Default Bail outs

    The bail out that I teach to the guys here involves the use of the munter hitch knot. It requires rope, a caribiner, and a truckmans belt (not the leather belts). Here's how it goes: first, you attach to a point inside the building, this can be accomplished by using a tool placed into the wall, the floor or anything. Since you have a hook you can place this on the window ledge. Next, you drop your rope out the window. Now, your tool is your anchor point with the rope attached to it. You then reach out the window about 6-8 inchesand grab the rope. This is the spot that you will tie your munter hitch knot. After the knot is tied clip into it with the carabiner. Next, stradle the window ledge and begin to lean outwards. With your leg that is inside the structure hook the corner of the window. This will allow you to extend out as far as you can go and it will take some of the shock off the rope when your full weight is applied. Now, both hands should be on the the rope. You'll have one end that goes into the building and one end that goes to the ground. By holding them together you won't desend. When you want to desend, take the end that goes to the ground and move it apart from the the other end. The farther apart they are the faster you move. Also, by hooking your leg in the window your able to get the majority of your body out of the structure, this can be used my others if they don't have rope for some reason and need to escape from a structure. This will by them time until a later can be placed for them to exit.

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    We teach a bailout with a charged hoseline. Obviously this only applies if you have a hoseline. Run the nozzle out the window to the ground, or as close as you can get it and use the hose as a makeshift fire pole. Make sure to get your hands past the sill before you swing your legs out or your hands/gloves will get caught. Always use a safety line when training on this!!
    There is always guys saying " I'm not gonna put my nozzle out the window in a fire and lose my protection ". Thats fine too. This is just another tool to use if you need it.

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    I think if you search you tube for hermosa beach cal. fools (not sure about spelling) you will find a rope bail out that is described above.

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    That rope bailout is what's taught here (NY) in FF Survival. Yep, just watch those hands!

    East Glenville FD eastglenvillefd.com

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