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    Default Vehicle Awardee Question

    It appears we are going to awarded $105,000 for a new brush truck. I have an award number on our 1199A and have sent back the 10Q's. I have never dealt with a vehicle award and am looking for some guidance about how I go about going through the process. Once I am offically awared what do I have to do? How is the money allocated? I know the truck has to go out to bid, a spec has to be finalized, and I need a performance bond. Can someone explain this process in simple terms. I am dealing with a township government so I am fairly certain they are familiar with the process but I want to be able to answer questions I may be asked. Step one is to get a spec finalized. What do I do after that? What is the process with the grant department?

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    Up to 25% of your award amount may be used as a downpayment, but no additional funds will be transferred to your department until the vehicle is complete and is ready to be delivered. You will spec your vehicle and award the bid using your established bid process. Once you order your vehicle, you may have to go through semi-annual performance reports where you will give progress on the completion of the apparatus order.

    It's not a terribly complicated process, just make sure you obtain the performance bond as required by the guidelines and try to get the best bang for your buck.

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    Once you recieve your award; read the award documents carefully to get a full understanding of what is required to be done.

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    I would have your vehicle specs ready to go so that as soon as the award is announced you can put the specs out for bid. No reason to waste any of your valuable time on this project.

    Like everyone else said, just read the guidance documents and if you have specific questions along the way then ask.

    As you get closer to the end of your POP (period of performance) be sure to keep your AFG program specialist in the loop of things and let them know if it looks like you're going to finish on time or not.

    Be sure to have EVERYTHING documented, especially when it comes to the contract that you sign with the manufacturer. I would make sure that the performance bond along with a penalty clause is documented in it. If you do any "change orders" along the way then be sure they update the delivery date in writing.

    Those are just some of our lessons learned. A good place to hang out is the apparatus forums and pick those guys brains on what's hot and what's not.

    Congrats on your award!

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    If you don't prepay you can't eliminate the performance bond BS and expense. Pay on delivery is typical for real trucks. If you prepay you should be getting a discount.

    If your supplier needs the $100000 up front for a small project such as this how financially stable are they? Or pay for the chassis on delivery/receipt.

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