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    Default AF Dept with Transport Capability

    I know there are a few AF departments that provide medical transport out there. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on the procedures and such for proposing one. I know there is a TON of legwork with logistics, MDG/MDS approval, etc... I am starting from scratch here so any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    The airforce looks doesnt allow fire personnel to transport for the most part. Mainly because near every base has a medical facility that will provide the transport. There was talk that all FF's will have to be EMT certified, but that has been thrown out in recent years, and then brought back(typical military).

    In my experience, albeit limited, at Cannon AFB, which is one of the smallest AFB out there, we have a rescue truck that responds with an EMT on board, but we just stabilize until the medics can get there. When the hospital is closed and the surrounding town responds, we also just stabilize but do not transport.

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