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    Default A "hello" from sweden


    Im swedish firefighter/fire inspector / local fire investigator. It is very nice to find this forum, and i hope to "talk" to you soon!

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    Talking welcome!

    I'm in California, United States.
    Nice to meet you!

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    Default Welcome

    Hello there.

    I am very interested in the Swedish Fire Service. Although I believe you call it the Swedish Rescue Services Agency....Raddnings Verket? Sorry the spelling probably way off. I am also looking to do a firefighter exchange someday. I met one of the Swedish Fire Instructors at a conference last year and was very interested to learn more about how things are done in Sweeden and europe. Please email me if you would like to talk more.



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    Default Greetings from North Carolina

    Hi, I'm a volunteer, was a fire inspector, and enjoy all aspects of firefighting! I have also been to Sweden before. That was when I was in the Marine Corps and I visited the American Embassy located in Stockholm. Nice to talk with you!

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