TOLEDO (WTOL) -- Hundreds of people are homeless after fire ripped through their apartment complex.

The fire broke out at around 1:30 am at the Hunters Ridge Apartment complex on Gibralter Heights in south Toledo.

8 buildings were destroyed, including 120 units and more than a 100 people have been displaced.

Residents say no one was hurt thanks to emergency workers and many people still awake because of the holiday.

Firefighters are continuing to pour water on the buildings that are still burning, but cleanup is underway. Two backhoes are tearing down units destroyed in the fire, including the leasing office.

Many resident not only lost everything in their apartments, but some also lost their cars in the blaze.

Fire investigators believe fireworks may have started the blaze.

The estimated damage stands at $5 million.


The Red Cross and Salvation Army are assisting people. They've set up a shelter at the former Bowsher High School where residents can get food and water. They're also helping with temporary housing and other services.

Click here to donate to the Toledo Red Cross online. Other donations for fire victims can be dropped off at any Goodwill Store. Tell the Goodwill staff the donation is for the Hunter's Ridge victims.