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    Default anyone know?

    Does anyone know of a fire cadet program around or near chicago that is good and that let you go to the calls. My dad was on one when he was a kid when my grandpa ran riverdale fire dept. and told me it was cool. I want to get involved with fire fighting now since my dad is on chicago, my brother is also on chicago and im hoping to carry on the family tradition. please reply

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    Default FireFighting Training

    Try this out....

    Anyone looking for IFSAC certified Online Firefighter Bootcamp? It's their complete online/two week course: Firefighter 1 + 2, Hazmat Operations and Awareness. I'm transferring the TrainingDivision course for $1500 because I have to get surgery for my shoulder. Original cost of the program is $2,570 (including book)

    Remember anyone looking to be in an overseas firefighter in Italy, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq must have official certification through an accredited agency such as IFSAC.

    contact info:

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