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    Default Pro board question?

    I'm a firefighter in Delaware. The National Firefighter I & II courses is an option in this state. An option I am studying for to take in December.

    Just so there are no questions the chapters that are taught all at once for most of you guys are broken down into individual courses (i.e. Basic firefighter, Structural firefighter, Vehicle Rescue, Haz-Mat, Crew Leader...etc., etc.)

    If I take the Pro Board test does that keep me from having to take this in other states or do you guys have your own classes like Delaware that I would have to take to be certified in your state? Just curious always wondered.

    These are just some of the classes offered at Delaware State Fire School (DSFS).

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    As far as NPQ goes, it all depends on where you go. Some states accept it, some dont.
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