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    This is all good information. As a small cash-strapped volunteer fire department with limited staffing, our first concern was safety. We had a bigger 1250 gpm portable (not really) monitor, but it rarely ever got used. So, we looked for something smaller as we no longer use the 2 1/2" playpipe combo we had for 40 years. We made our decision based on really only a couple of points after having our local dealer show us them in a side by side demo. We think the safety shutoff is critical with the possibility of 250 pounds of nozzle reaction. The other thing we like, especially for our initial attack, is the really low attack angle that lets us put the stream in the front door. We picked the blue one.

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    what was the other option? the red pill?

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    If you flowed the Blitz and Mercury sideby side (with a flow meter) you saw the Blitz shut down at around 400gpm. And you'll find the "safety shutoff" will shut down at the least hammer. A gimmick. Very expensive and heavy gimmick of no real value. As I recall the Akron factory rep. said not to use 3" as will "overdrive" the Mercury. The extra flow/nozzle reaction may be more than safe with the base/leg tip design.

    Note TFT has a newer quick attack monitor where the essentially copied the Mercury (no auto shutoff). Blitz Lite. I have not seen or tried one.

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    does look an awful lot like the mercury monitor

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