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    Default St. Louis Bunker Gear

    I just watched a video on kmov.com of St. Louis FD fighting a fire in North St. Louis. I noticed some firefighters were wearing black bunker gear, and others wearing the tan bunker gear. When I visited a firehouse in St. Louis last month, everybody at that house had black gear. Are they switching to a new color? Or was it a mutual aid department assisting them?

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    I know the city of St. Louis uses black.

    The St. Louis county departments most commonly use tan (there are exceptions)

    So it would probably have been mutual aid to a north county FD

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    Default Tradition=Black Gear

    The STLFD has many great traditions, including black turnout gear. They will always wear black. They will always be traditional, and always be "Justifiably Proud"!!! Check out the fire engine rally and firefighters ball at www.greatfirerally.com

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    StLFD Privates and Captains wear black gear....Chief officers wear tan/white coats.

    Depending how close to the border the fire was you saw chiefs and/or nieghboring department on the scene.

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