A small group of Aussie and Kiwi firefighters are crossing the pond and going to the USA for the summer.

Be gentle with the guys from the ACT as they come from that small country town called Canberra so have lead a very sheltered life to date.

NSW emergency services minister Nathan Rees today formally farewelled 10 emergency personnel, including five firefighters and five national parks and forest workers.

They are among a team of 44 Australians and New Zealanders scheduled to leave for California this weekend.

"The US National Interagency Fire Centre formally requested the assistance the the Iemma government had no hesitation in agreeing to the request," Mr Rees said.

The team will relieve local fire crews in remote areas, and provide expert advice on tactics and strategy.

Australian firefighters were last deployed to the US in 2006, when they were responsible for coordinating thousands of fire personnel.

NSW heads the contingent with 10 personnel, followed by Victoria's nine, Western Australia's eight, the ACT's four, Tasmania's three, one from South Australia and nine from New Zealand.