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    Default Any issues going through IL w/ Blues?

    Hello all,
    I posted this on a IL topic already but wondered if fellow Hoosiers had any insight. I've got to go up to Chicago next week and am concerned that my blue lensed grill lights might get me "unwanted attention". Has anyone been hassled because you had visible blue lenses and Indiana plates?

    I ask because of a friend in college (Kankakee, IL, late '80's) who said he had to cover his dash light every time he left his service area or he'd be hasseled. Seems to me if they do it to their own, they might be worse with Out of Staters.

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated!

    Take Care,
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    well in our part of illiana we don't have this problem but you got to remember that in the area your going to the police use blue lights and oyu can and well be charged with inpresantion of a police officer.

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    I've never run foul of the law in IL...However, I've had friends in years past who did get pulled over in OHIO. In each case they were asked to remove the blue roof lights or face a possible fine.

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