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    Question any info on european fire positions

    Please I need any information on overseas fire positions to europe I am mostly looking for the kind I can take my family withme.

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    Default ?!?

    I am firefighter from Poland. I hope i understand... You want a room for you and your family??? If you would like to come to Poland I will provide you a room in our fire station.:-)

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    Default europe firefighter positions??

    if there were any firefighter openings for americans in europe i would have filled one of them a long *** time ago. bye bye america hellllooooo europe and european women. only way i know of getting a firefighter job in europe is by joining the military and getting stationed there unless you get sent to that place in spain as a civilian with that one company. the one where they have problems holding on to anyone for any length of time.

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    armyfiremn - about those European women, preach on brother!!!!

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