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    Default Hiring in Northern IL and Suburbs?

    I know there is a hiring forum, but what a better way for everyone from IL to see my questions. I am originally from Northern IL and was hired by the Washington DC Fire Department out of the military, but would very much like to get hired by a department in Northern IL and come HOME and live a better life for my family. I am coming back in two weeks to take the Rockford test, but am curious if anyone can give me any other info about some of the other larger departments such as Elgin, Aurora, or ???. I am aware I will be starting over and will have to go through the hiring process. I am not a paramedic, and am aware I most likely will have to get it through whomever I was hired by. I do have my AAS however. What is the ambulance staffing like for most departments? Split 24 hour shifts? We just started 4 month details to the BLS ambulance and Medics stay on the engine. I really dont want to get hired to be stuck on just an ambo. Who sees a good amount of work? Can anyone become a member of IL-TF 1? Do most departments have the ability to let firefighters take additional certification classes? Or does the firefighter have to do it on his own? I am aware I will have to retake many classes, but if hired would like to get involved with the tech rescue and hazmat teams if possible after I were finish probation. Most departments prohibit paid men from volunteering, correct? Any insight is much appreciated. RFD599 if you or anyone from Elgin can contact me that would be much appreciated. Thanks everybody. Stay Safe!!

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    Okay... I'll try to answer best I can, but I'm not on Rockford or Elgin.

    Rockford doesn't allow members to be on a volunteer department, but there are other career departments that do. I know Elgin has many folks who volunteer in a community to the west of Elgin, but I don't know if its condoned by the upper brass. They didn't seem to hide the fact when I was in their academy.

    My understanding is that in Rockford you ride a regular company your first 6-8 years until you're sent to paramedic school. You then ride the box for a number of years (8 or so?) until you get enough seniority to move off the ambulance. You ride the box 12 hours and switch between whatever piece is with the ambulance, quint or engine.

    Elgin has changed a lot since I went to school there, I wouldn't even begin to guess how they run things, as they have opened two stations since I was there...

    The rest of the questions that you have I don't know the answers to. Good luck in Rockford!
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