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    Default testing scores and scaling

    i just took the city of novi entrance exam for fire protection officer and i'm not 100% sure on the grading format. it was 105 multiple choice questions which seemed to be a breeze, and then 45 more questions which were personality based and im not sure if they would grade on a scale of 100 or 150? does anybody know? i received a letter stating i scored a 98.34, but i dont know if this is scored out of 100 points, 150 points, or some other number. does anyone have any idea of the scoring scale on this type of test involving personality traits?

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    Sounds like IO Solutions test to me. Yes, they do grade the 45 personality questions. I scored an 88, then a 94, then an 88, and most recently 100. How? I don't have the slightest clue. Really. I hate the "personality" tests. Pure BS.

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