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    Default Need some help under standing

    I have been applying for positions through the Army resume mix...
    All I keep getting is you were referd but not selected. Ok thats fine next time it comes open just re apply. Well for the 7th time thats all I get, so I called the Chief of the department he states I am not on the list of people to interview. Well were does this not selected come from?

    Can sombody explane alittle better how this process works?
    I have ask around and nobody seems to know.

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    What kind of position are you applying for? GS-4, 5 or 6? What DoD Certs do you have?

    Usually the way it works is someone in civilian personnel puts a list together of "most qualified candidates" and then that gets submitted to the Chief for interviews. Do you have Haz-Mat Tech and/or EMT? If not this could be the reason why....

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    I am applying for the same pay that I am at right now GS-7.
    All my certs are either DOD or Proboard, the only one thats not is my EMT.
    and the job is in my state and in the announcement it doesn't state you have to be National EMT.

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    Resumix is a computerized program that recognizes certain phrases and words. If you do not have those specific words and phrases on your application, the computer will not select your app for referral to a human being for further processing. To answer your next question, no I do not know what the specific words or phrases are. I have been told that if you have certifications that meet DoD requirements, you should indicate that in the narratives on the resumix.

    The DoD requires IFSAC/ProBoard certifications. If you do not have these, you are probably not going to get in. Its as simple as that. If you DO have DoD certs or certs that meet DoD requirements, but are still getting stonewalled, try contacting the Civilian Personnel Operations Center that handles your geographic region of the United States. Ask for a personnel Specialist that handles classification 0081, and speak to them- advise them that you believe you are qualified but are getting the run around. If THAT fails, contact your elected state representative.
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