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    Default Remote Drum Sampling/Venting Device

    Our team is looking for a portable remote/radio controlled drill that can be set up on an over-pressuerized drum to drill a relief hole.

    Many of the systems we have found are larger fixed facility or trailer mounted. We looking for something smaller that can be carried on the rig and set up on the drum when needed.

    Has anyone seen something like this?

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    .308 deer rifle comes to mind...
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    We have just ordered a remote drum venting device here in Dallas. It will work with both poly and steel and is air powered and has several devices that will open the bungs on the drum. We are answering more and more calls on abandoned drums that have buldged with pressure inside of them. The last was at an airport and we called the bomb squad with the kevlar suits and helments to open it. Could not use the robot due to the fact that other flammables were around it. Drums scare me more that anything else. I will try to find the name of the company. I now they were outside of Atlanta.

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