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    Default Good current fitness level?

    I will be siging up for next year's fire acadamy class as I missed this year's sign up date so I have a lot of time to improve my physical fitness which is already in pretty good shape.

    I had seen some CPAT videos and about the only part I can almost test at home is the stair climb with 75 lbs of added weight, I think it's supposed to simulate a 6 story climb. So I added 75 lbs of weights in a back pack and then went up the stairs and back down 6 times, which is more than going up 6 stories as I had to come back down to go back up each time.

    I was able to go up and down 6 times but was breathing fast at the end, and I think this stair climb with 75 lbs of added weight must be the most demanding of the physical tests, am I right? I think I would pass the test in my current physical state but I do have time for great improvements also. Should the test be fairly easy for me since I was able to do a 6 story climb already and can only get in even better shape?


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    Don't forget about the charged/uncharged hose drag and dummy drag. I took F.W.F.D.'s CPAT in May 2007 and they saved the tower climb, dragging a charged 1 3/4" hose 100 feet, and then drag the 160-170 lbs. dummy 100 feet for the last three events of the CPAT. Go to www.fwfd.net to see a picture by picture display of their CPAT.

    I am currently in Tarrant County College's Fire Academy. As in your case, I am paying my own way through it. But T.C.C. still requiured each recruit to complete a CPAT.

    F.W.F.D.'s CPAT really tax your leg strength and cardio because it's non stop between each event. T.C.C.'s CPAT's events were timed individually with time to rest between events and you had a little more time to complete each event.

    So if your legs and cardio are a little weak, I would definitely focus on improving those areas before the CPAT. But with the amount of time you have before your test, you should have no problem.

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    The stair climb is actually easy, as long as you have good balance. The part that gets me is the dummy drag, because it's near the end and here your legs can turn to Jello. Lots of stair climbs and lunges help.

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    I study exercise science, and i can tell you this course is set up by the stair climb. The stairclimb single handedly jacks your heart rate up and measures balance, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. It is supposed to be the hardest part (its the longest...haha). You basically have 1 minute for each event after that. As for a charged hoseline? There is no charged hoseline in the official CPAT. The order is (Stairs, Dry-Hose Drag, Tool Carry, Ladder Raise/Ext., Forcible Entry, Maze, Dummy, Breach and Pull.) Its tough for most if you have an oppurtunity to use a stairmill make sure you take advantage of it. A stairmill is alot different than real stairs (much smaller, and different biomechanics) harder to balance on, and just wierd. You sound pretty good with the your cardio and leg strength though.

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    For your work out, I would be cautious of one thing. Keep in mind that when you are climbing up and down stairs, your heart rate will decrease slightly when you go down, therefore you are in effect taking a short break. Try to find some stairs that you can climb continuously for at least 3 minutes at a time. If you can't find a building that is tall enough, just go up and down one step at a fast pace (make sure to alternate legs so you don't just workout your right leg). Also, three minutes on a stair master at 60 steps per second is more like 10 stories

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