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    Default Two Tubas Destoyed And One Trumpet Damaged

    This is too funny to get it lost in the other threads:

    Errant Parachutist Lands In Military Band. Two Tubas Destroyed; Trumpet Damaged

    POSTED: 2:52 am EDT July 18, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:29 am EDT July 18, 2008

    FORT RILEY, Kan. -- A parachutist went way off course Thursday at the start of a military review and dropped feet-first into the 1st Infantry Division's band, injuring three players.

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    Several thousand people watched as the man under the red, white and blue parachute landed on the 30-member band, about 50 yards off target. A gasp went up from the crowd, followed by silence as at least a dozen people rushed over to help.

    "I hear, 'Oh, expletive,' and immediately, I hear a crash,"' said the band's commander, Chief Warrant Officer Scott MacDonald.

    The three injured band members were treated and released from Irwin Army Community Hospital. The parachutist, Scott Hallock, refused treatment at the scene.

    "We know that they're going to be all right," said Gen. Charles Campbell, head of the Army's Forces Command, during opening remarks.

    Two tubas were destroyed, said Mike Keating, assistant chief of the post's Fire Department. MacDonald said a trumpet was also damaged.

    MacDonald said band members had been standing, waiting for the start of the ceremony and weren't looking up. He said they didn't hear anything except a brief rustling of the jumper's parachute.

    He hit the back row, landing feet first, MacDonald said.

    Band member Sgt. Rachel Boggs was knocked unconscious and had a fractured jaw, hospital spokeswoman Lisa Medrano said. Sgt. Andrew Spinazzolla suffered minor neck and head injuries and had a fractured ankle, Medrano said. Staff Sgt. Mark Lucero sustained what Medrano called a minor leg injury.

    Two parachutists jumped from a single-engine plane at about 6,000 feet. Keating said the second jumper's parachute lines apparently became tangled, pulling him off course.

    MacDonald said he wondered briefly whether he had enough members left to perform.

    "We did soldier on," he said. The band played the division's and the Army's fight songs, then sounded a trumpet cavalry charge.

    Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press.

    Fortunately there were (apparently) no significant injuries associated with this incident. Although the fractured jaw is going to hurt for a long time.

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    Meh, Tubas? They can be hammered back into shape!
    But if he'd landed in the midst of a Pipes and Drums band? Oh, the humanity!
    The thought of having my bagpipes broken or destroyed by someone landing on them would nearly kill me
    Mind you, they sure would let you know they were dying, with all the groans and wheezing and squeaks that would emanate from the broken drones and punctured bags!

    It's a piping thing, you wouldn't understand...

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    What part of "HEAAAAAAAAD'S UUUUUUUUUUUUP,GUYS!" has been deleted from the FM 22-5?(It's an Army thing I learned before I went Navy)

    I guess the CWO told the band members "Y'all go on inside.I've gotta do something to the tubas I don't want y'all to see."

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    Actually Pat, I should think its not so much a matter of the pipes getting broken, as where they might get "stuck" that brings tears to my eyes.....
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