My name is Sam. I like lots of stuff...but that's not really pertinent.

I could have joined this forum about two years ago when my then-boyfriend of 3 years joined the volunteer fire department here in Helen. But I didn't. I did go all in to support him...attending training meetings Thursday nights, helping him study for his Mod 1 course, and waiting at the base of a mountain until 3 am when it caught on fire the 4th of July he proposed to me...

but I didn't join a forum, and I suppose that's fitting because we've broken up since then.

What I didn't want to break with was the fire department!

So I applied and am now a volunteer in the same county but different station. (No worries...he and I are still friends, and family, now, too).

I recently graduated from college with a degree in Writing and Publication. I plan on going on the graduate school, too, to study Folklore. But the spark has been there for a while to be part of the firefighting community.

I'm now a probie at Station 3, and it's just a matter of signing up for the first available Mod 1 class....probably at the Georgia Fire Academy.

So... HI!