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    Exclamation Arkansas ISO Water Shuttle

    Due to upper management my fire department is stuck using 3" hose so the idea of preforming a extended LDH hose lay is out of the question.

    Is there anyone here in Arkansas that has experance with prevorming a water shuttle and receaving a iso rating better that a 7/9 ? I am wanting to shoot for moving 1000 gpm for the 2 hour test but receaving flack from management that we will only do the required 250gpm x 2 hour.

    We have 47 hydrants in the district and 35-30% are 1-2.5" connection. There are several ponds to draft from and we are looking at the idea of getting turbo drafts.

    Any suggestions are welcome !!!

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    contact any of the departments in Baxter County AR.

    They have water shuttle down to an art. And ISO's
    to prove it.

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    I have never seen 2 entire hours of water pumping done in either our testing, or even participating in surrounding departments testing.

    They do end up timing the tanker dump and refill, so make sure your tankers are vented well and have a good water source to fill from.

    I don't know what kind of territory you cover. We managed a 6 in a rural district.

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    Default water shuttle

    Our department covers approx 130 sq miles. we are strictley water shuttle. we are currently a class 6 ISO. what worked for us might not work for you, but, we can currently flow 1250 gpm continuesly. I would be happy to visit with you but not via email. im not very computer savvy. If you are interested please let me know how to contact you......Email address is cprice19204@yahoo.com

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