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    i'm having trouble finding info on atlanta fd. i'm currently a firefighter/emt in fl and soon to be paramedic. i hear that their hiring is a pretty long process and that they put you through their own fire school. what is the pay like and is the ems system merged with fire? is there a firefighter/paramedic position? and how does the pension plan work?

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    I'd seriously consider somewhere other than Atlanta right now. The city just cut approx 100 fire positions, including laying off the 30-40 recruits in the Fire Academy. I would consider Dekalb Co., Cherokee Co., and the Sandy Springs FD before I took a chance on Atlanta.

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    Default Regarding Atlanta Firefighter Opportunites

    Hi y'all. Fromt what i"ve heard on the news, Atlanta is not looking too good to get a job, at least not in the Atlanta metro area with Dekalb and Fulton Counties. Major Shirley Franklins has majorly screwed up! She went ahead and ok'ed the closing of a really important firestation that was so badly needed for that community. Get her out of office! I feel so bad for those poor firefighters down there. My thoughts and prayers are with those guys.



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    DeKalb has been hiring quite a bit lately. Keep an eye out.

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