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    Default Anne Arundel County Employment Interview Score?

    So I recently took the written test and passed and went on to the oral interview. I received a letter saying I did not receive a score high enough to move onto the next step. I got a score of 89.50. Anyone know what that is scored out of or how the score is determined?

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    No idea what constitued a pass or not...sure there are many factors not just raw score.
    Curious to know how many are headed to the CPAT/Background phase..

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    I think they didn't thin out enough people from the written test. I recieved a score of 81.something and wasn't aloud to proceed in the process. keep in mind they were running interviews everyday mon-fri all day for 3 weeks. Thats a lot of people so my guess is they were only taking the top hundred or so. Purely speculation but thats the only logical conclusion I can come up with.

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