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    Default Good for a Laugh....

    Theres nowhere to draft thats convienent to check the rigs a few times a year to see if they can pull a draft, so I improvised. This is plastic basin used for bulk foam ops. I cant speak for where the firehouse shopping cart came from, it was there when I got hired! Its one of the more handy articles of firehouse clutter we have.
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    I guess you use what is available. We use a dump tank when drafting from the pumpers, only because in a rural area like we are we have plenty of tankers available. With the boosters we simply use our plastic garbage cans.

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    Perfect: Another use for the Metz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFDACM02 View Post
    Perfect: Another use for the Metz!
    Now thats FUNNY! I don't care who ya're thats FUNNY!

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    You know MG, you could double you water by using two plastic basin or even triple the amount if you use three basins.

    Oh Wait ….never mind. If you use more then one basin then you get into that whole thing about water transfer devises, low level strainers and jet siphons.

    Come to think about it I believe that’s been addressed in different threads

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