Hey guys I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I figured people from the volunteer departments might have some more input. I work for a POC department that runs about 600 calls a year with about 90% being EMS. We are surrounded by either full time or partime(stations manned 24/7) departments and we border one of the largest cities in the country. As you can tell a POC department is not the norm in our area. I have been on this department for the last 5 year and we answered most of our calls with no problems.
With in the last 10 months to a year things have become rough. About a 1/4 of our calls have been answered by other towns because we just can not get a rig out (they are not happy about this). Our man power is way down and many of our guys either work another full time department and side jobs. The others work a regular 40-50 hour week. The problem is we can not seem to get people to join the department and if they do they live far away anf take 10+ mintues to get to the station (only have one member that lives in town).
We are trying to do shift work (unpaid), but we still do not have the man power to cover all the shifts. What would be ideal for a starting point is to have 2 guys in the station 24/7. This has never been brought up to the village, but they will not even pay for the I AM RESPONding softwear so I do not see how they would pay to put guys in the station.
Basically I am looking for suggestions to possibly convince them to man the station with two guys and still having POC respond when available. I would love to be able to go door to door and explain to the residents of the town what is going on and gain there support, but I am not allowed to do that being a member of the FD. Are there grants that we could go for? Anyone been in this situation before? Any help would be great. Sorry for being so long winded.