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    Folks, what is the reason DHS holds off on sending out the 1st round DJ letters until August? It would seem that those applications that do not make it past the computer scoring are known very early in the process, perhaps May or June. What purpose is there to hold off the drama until so much later? It almost seems cruel to make folks wait that long to find out they simply need to try again next year. Do all the DJ's, as a result of not getting past the computer, come out at the same time?, Then subsequent DJ's simply are a result of applications that fall out from low scores on the peer review?

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    Process management. Only 40-50 people involved in this program, plus everything has to go through multiple levels of approval (even DJs) so rather than spend time putting out bad news they put out awards. All computer DJs come out in the 1st DJ round, so anyone that gets past that made it to Peer. Peer DJs are a slow process of sending out denials to those that are least likely to get funding if everyone else in front of them accepts it. Based on a guess they keep 200% of funding 'live'. So if there is $200 mil unallocated in October they have $400 mil worth of apps either pending or in limbo. Once they award another $100mil and are down to $100mil left to award then they DJ anyone on the list after $200mil in cumulative requests. Since theorectically people turn down the apps they don't want to send DJs and then have a pile of people not take the money and have to open up someone else again.

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    Great explanation Brian . Learning every little bit of the process helps.

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