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    Cool Chesapeake Va Ad for Volunteer Dispatch Call takers!

    Any comments on this article?? Anyone from the Chesapeake area know how the employees feel about this?

    "CHESAPEAKE – If you have some spare time, the Chesapeake Police Department wants you.

    The city needs volunteer dispatch call takers.

    You’ll get training and work a minimum of 16 hours a month, answering emergency and non-emergency calls.

    “This is an opportunity for citizens to become involved in the intricacies of the Police and Fire Department,” said Police Chief Kelvin Wright. “The work of the dispatcher is fast-paced and rewarding because they are the first people citizens speak with when their needs are most urgent.”

    Volunteers have to pass a pre-employment process similar to that of full time employees to ensure qualification standards are maintained, including a specialize typing/skills test, a background check, a drug screen and a polygraph.

    The first Volunteer Dispatch Call Taker School begins September 15 and the training takes 14 weeks."
    -quoted from WVEC.com website-

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    I'd be p*ssed right off if someone saw fit to have a volunteer fill my position, working for 16 hours a month. Don't the full time employees have an Association?
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    I need more details... Is it truely a non-paid volunteer position? If so, that is really weird. But if the FT people are keeping their jobs, and the new people are getting trained properly I don't see the problem. At face value it appears to be a cost savings action.
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