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    Default my time has come

    well i dont know how many of you know me, my name is ryan and i have been lurking about the boards for about 4 years now, i started in my explorer post when i was 14, im now 18 and in charge of the program, but now comes that time, i got in to the fire academy at college of the siskiyous in weed california, so this sunday will be my last explorer meeting. now im just thinking back to the great times and memories i have from being a fire explorer, all the knowledge and respect for the job that i have gained, exploring changed my life and i think its one of the best programs offered to youth in this country. well thats my little soapbox.

    evryone stay safe,

    Ryan Avila
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    San Mateo County Fire Department/CAL FIRE
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    Best of luck to you during the academy. Enjoy.
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    Have fun in the Academy. Work hard to play hard.


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    I'm still currently only my 1st year ( 2 years left) at my local Explorer Post. I went in not knowing if firefighting was for me and never really considered EMS/Paramedic. After a year and three ride-alongs I'm really, truly finding my dream job. A 12 hour day at the fire dept. feels like a 4 hour shift to me.

    I'm glad to hear you've completed this phase and I wish you the best of luck in the fire academy. Keep us all updated!

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