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    Quote Originally Posted by Cochise70 View Post
    I actually did get an interview along with 6 others and didn't get a place in the tenative March class but we were told we were being added to an existing pool and also would be eligible for a June class as well. Fingers crossed. Thanks for keeping tabs on us hopefuls.
    Im not clear on how this works. They will administer a new test, then create a new pool. Do they save people that they like from the last pool and add them to the new pool. And if so how do they then rank it. Or do they use up the old pool until the new one is "ready"?

    just wondering,


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    I am guessing that the June class will come off of the current list. Even if they test in early 2010 (say Feb.), I'm not sure they would be ready to go with a class off of it by June.

    Cochise - are you on the EMT/FF list....or the Trainee list?

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    FF/EMT and yeah my understanding was that the old list would be used for these next 2 classes due to the timeline for Feb. test. But who knows really, these things change and I'm just a guy off in the ether with his fingers crossed. :-)
    After testing for as long as I have I've learned not to get to wound up about the details. I just keep getting up at 5:30 am and beat the hell out of myself at the gym and hope for the right phone call.
    Good luck everyone and thanks to those PFR members who drop in with info.

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    For those of you on Facebook, Portland Fire now has a facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref...e/123162870366

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