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    Default Training Ideas Needed

    I am the head of our explorer post in Troy Township Luckey Ohio I was just wanting to know if any of you had any good Ideas for training. Maybe something that you have done that you thought that was fun or just some over all good ideas thanks

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    SCBA Confidence course?

    There are many videos on you tube of SCBA Confidence courses. Should be a fun and educational experience.
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    playground drill


    Basically get in your gear with a SCBA put the nomex over your mask. Set up a course where you put rope around a playground and you have to go under and over different obstacles.

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    Lightbulb Hose drill

    We have a social hall and in the main large room we cleared out the room and laid a ton of hoselines. We tangled them up a bit and crossed them to where only one hoseline led to the opposite door on the other side of the room. We set up some folding tables, and chairs as obstables and shut off the lights. Our juniors donned full PPE with SCBA and went. The idea is to get aquainted with moving around and staying oriented on one hoseline to know where you are in the room. You can do it in just about any room. Hope that helped!!

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    You could do hydrant training. Show your guys how to hit a hydrant and the proper method on what to do like draining the ground water, showing them how to use the hydrant tool the proper way. and if nearby the truck how to hook it up to the truck. It will a great thing for your explorers to kno for the near future when they become full fledged firemen.

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