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    Default Fantasy Football League

    I'm new to this forum and I hope this is the right spot for this thread. One of my hobbies is playing fantasy football and I'm trying to put together a keeper league or one that all the owners stay together year after year. If your interested please send me an email so I can add you to the list. dave@prodrifters.com. The soonest we can get the league off the ground is for the 2009 season as we need a full league to actually start it.

    Dave Hamilton

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    Default Question For You

    Dave, I don't keep up with sports all that much as I used to. Sorry to ask a dumb blonde question, but what exactly is fantasy football? I've heard of it. I'm just familiar with professional, college, and tag football. Please fill me in. Thanks!


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    Someone once called it a "role playing game for jocks". Basically, each person is a team and they draft players from the NFL and go head to head each week. The score is calculated based on the different player's stats.

    Of course, that's the Reader's Digest version of it. It can actually get pretty complicated.

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