Here's my situation. 28 year old male, Bachelors degree with an average gpa, no certifications currently, was an EMT-B but it has expired, no criminal history, etc. I've just had so many "life" things that have popped up and have slowed me down with being able to get FF1 and 2, maintaining EMTB and going for paramedic, etc. I know what I need to do to become a competitive player in the recruitment process for a municipal dept.

Well recently, I've been exploring serving our country and getting some experience there. However, I guess I am just beyond the USAF age range so they won't take me. If I go with the forces, what would be my next best option? I've thought about the Navy, but I wouldnt be interested in being Damage Control, I'd rather be a Corpsman and get the medical experience. Anyway, I'm just looking for perspective. Even if it's someone saying hold out on the military and just get the certs on my own. Thanks in advance.