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    Default Terrance Hough, Jr.

    What a horrible thing that guy did to those people. For those who don't know, he was a Cleveland firefighter who shot five people, killing three of them last year on July 4. They were shooting fireworks off in the middle of the street close to his house. He walked out with a gun, walked right up the group. One of the victims said "well are you going to shoot me?" after arguing with the perp, and Hough went ahead and shot all five without any thought. Police found multiple weapons in his house and in his car. Supposedly, Hough complained for years about the noise from his neighbors and not much was done to alleviate the problem. He claimed (I could be wrong here) that due to policies within the fire department, he was not allowed to move his family to another neighborhood. Supposedly, he just snapped after years of putting up with all the noise.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong in my posting. He was convicted of three counts of aggravated murder, being eligible for the death penalty. I saw part of the trial on the TruTv channel.

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    Default Hough the murdering ex-firefighter

    I'm the mother of Bruce Anderson who was "executed" by Terrance Hough.
    I've read the post regarding what this writer THINKS happened, and I would like to correct it with true information.

    Hough did not go outside and speak with anyone the night of this carnage. He went outside, after lying in wait for the neighbors to go inside, with his weapon hidden by his side. There was no aimless firing, and he did not "snap". He fired into the back of Katie Rosby twice, killing her. My son then realized what was about to happen to him, and tried to roll out of the way of Hough's baretta. He then shot Bruce, and as he tried to get to his feet to escape, the coward shot him again. This took place AFTER he had already fired 3 shots into the chest of Jacob Feichtner, killing him also. The only reason the 2 other victims are alive today, is because Hough ran out of bullets.

    FYI: No calls had been made to police for 2 years prior to this evening. The Feichtner kids didn't even live there anymore. Only visited for holidays.

    FYI: Regina Hough knew her husband was outside with a gun, and did nothing. With an area full of cops, etc-she took no action to stop Hough.

    FYI: My son, Bruce, had NEVER even been to that residence prior to that night.

    Where were all of Hough's "firemen" friends when he was on trial?
    What happened to the honest fireman who spoke out right after this crime, and said Hough was "a ticking time bomb? If that person would have come forward with the TRUTH about Hough's bad behavior, maybe he would have gotten the death sentence he deserved.

    For now, my only solace is that Hough can't complain about his "noisy" neighbors, he has no free will, and he will be carried out of that prison with a toe tag on, in a body bag. In the meantime, I hope he is preyed upon every day by inmates like himself, and that he meets a bully named Tiny who passes him around for cigarettes.

    If anyone has a problem with my reply, feel free to contact me. But I suggest that you are armed with FACTS prior to doing so. Becky Pfeiffer

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    Default Hough Sentence

    Hough was convicted of 3 counts of aggravated murder, 2 counts of attempted murder, along with firearms charges. He received 3 life sentences. I have heard through the grapevine that his attorneys are already considering filing an appeal. I wonder which life sentence he'll be able to avoid?
    Becky Pfeiffer becca195301@sbcglobal.net

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