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    hey everyone! im trying to get an explorer post started, and was wondering if anyone had some SOP's they can email to me.

    thanks in advance!

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    Arrow General Junior SOPs

    I don't have a copy of them but some of the general highpoints are as follows


    Juniors are permitted to respond to calls from 6:00am to 11:00pm during the school year and during the summer.
    (One standard. Avoids "Are they in school yet?? " Saves a lot of hassle)


    Juniors must respond to calls by coming to the station and MAY NOT respond directly to the scene. (Can ride with a line officer in that line officers POV) When room on the truck is limited, a junior must surrender his seat to a senior member in order to maximize the manpower available on the call. Juniors must also ride in an enclosed cab area of the truck. Juniors are restricted to responding to calls that are in the township. They may not respond to mutual aid calls out of the township. Additionally, there must be a line officer present for a junior to respond. Juniors ARE NOT permitted to leave school to respond to emergencies.


    Each junior is assigned a full set of Gear consisting of
    Bunker pants, bunker coat, bunker boots, flash hood, firefighting gloves, helmet, and when available extraction/ rescue gloves.
    Helmets and gloves are blue to indicate that the member is a junior

    Pagers and other radio equipment:

    Each junior is assigned a pager. (we have Minitor IVs and Vs) Juniors get what is available. Juniors are not permitted to carry pagers at school. Also, juniors DO NOT get any type of portable or any other radio equipment.

    On scene activities:

    Juniors are allowed to exit the truck that they responded on and are allowed to go anywhere in the IMMEDIATE VICINITY of that truck. They are allowed to go all around it to get gear out of compartments, turn on lights, etc. but they are not allowed to go any considerable distance away from the truck. Juniors are not allowed to donn SCBA, operate power tools or any type of equipment, hose lines or any thing else. Basically, a junior is on the scene to assist the senior members with getting equipment from the truck, cleaning up afterwards and to take in everything that they can in order to LEARN.


    Junior members can submit an application on or after their sixteenth birthday. On monthly meeting night (1st wednesday of every month), the department reads the application and sets it aside for the next which constitutes the first reading of the application. At the next monthly meeting, the application is read again, and the department votes on the member. Juniors are given membership cards and pay annual dues just like senior members. They are permitted to attend monthly meetings and listen. Junior members do not vote on issues and when major issues are being discussed, senior members may ask the junior to leave the room while the senior members conduct that business.

    Work Nights:

    Our department has work nights on Mondays. This is when we do training activities, work around the station, etc. Juniors help wash trucks, pack hose, clean the station, wash gear, and do general tasks.


    Junior members are able to take "essentials of firefighting", which is a course that is conducted at our county's fire training grounds. It is divided into four modules as follows-

    1. Introduction to the fire service
    2. Fireground operations
    3. Exterior firefighter
    4. Interior firefighter

    and juniors can take the first three. Also, juniors can participate in any other in house training that our department conducts.

    Station Access:

    Something that has been among high debate on many forums about juniors is whether or not to give them keys to the station..... WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!
    Giving juniors keys would be disatrous. (I'm a junior and I'm saying this!!!!) Only one junior ever got keys and that was because he cuts the grass with our department's tractor and line trimmer. Not a good idea otherwise!!!!
    Junior members are allowed at the station with other senior members of the department. They are allowed to stay at the station while the other members run a call (IE: had to surrender seat, didn't make truck.) You must be a member of the department to be at the station alone. They are not allowed to bring friends in and be around when they aren't supposed to be there!
    (that's why, barring outstanding circumstances, we don't give juniors keys!)

    Junior POVs:

    Juniors may not display any type of emergency lighting on their personal vehicle. Additionally any siren or public address systems are prohibited. As I stated before, Juniors may not respond to emergencies in their POV.

    That's about it.... anything didn't hit on and you'd like to hear , let me know!!!

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