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    Question Smoke Detector Program

    I plan on starting a free smoke detector give away/inspection program when we go out on any service call. I am looking for a very generic release form to copy/get ideas to help me get ours started. We will either install or give it to the occupant, have not decided which one to do. Can anyone help me find a good release form? Also if you do this, what do most of you do install, give out or both? Any help is appreciated!!!

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    We give out smoke detectors that for the most part are donated. Occasionally we have to purchase some to keep up our stock but alot are donated to us. We give them to anyone who wants them, along with batteries. We do not install them but we give them recommendations as to where the should be placed and how to install them. It is their choice to follow our recommendations and that releases us from liability (so far).
    We have not yet had a problem doing this, and hopefully it will stay that way.

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    Install them. Few occupants will install them on their own if they did not have one in the first place.

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    Install them. I had a fire last week (small), and while clearing out the smoke I found the smoke detector that we gave the family 2 months ago still sitting in the box from another small fire that happened then (elderly person w/ dementia). Needless to say we got senior services in for the case.

    While on calls (if we have time) we check smoke detectors in the houses. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the battery still wrapped in plastic or installed backwards.

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    We get detectors from local hardware and retail stores who donate them.

    We install them too if they wish. We don't have any sign off sheet at all and we don't need one. It is a standing order from the Chief that if someone wants one installed we do it, no questions asked. Hasn't been a problem and I don't forsee a problem. If something happens, and someone sues, then they sue the FD and the City as a whole. The individual is just following orders. We also check detectors on calls too and help them out too with any problems we find. We also come and change the batteries if someone requests it. We have a lot of elderly in our town, (as most towns do) and they are then ones that we do this a lot with.

    If you don't install them, they won't get installed. It's all part of the "service" of public service.
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    We get our smoke detectors, CO detectors and batteries from the American Red Cross. They come at no cost to us and we just have the person fill out the sheet that the ARC gives us. When we run out, we turn in signed sheets to ARC and they give us more supply.

    This system has worked out pretty well for us.
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    We install all of ours, and take the box with us. A few of our recipients tried to return their "gift" for a store credit to the local Walmart. Retailers won't take them if they don't have the original packaging.

    We also have them sign for the detector. I'm not around the office for another week or so, but I'll try to send you a copy after I get back.
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    Default Team Up and Install

    Our department teamed up with either Lowe's or Home Depot (unsure which at this time) who donates smoke detectors for us to install when we go on a call and the home needs them. heay also donate replacement batteries. They donated all the tools (drills, tool boxes, bit sets, tape measures, etc) that we would need.

    When we go on a call, we check the batteries in detectors and if they even have them. If anything needs to be replaced or installed, we do it. The tools boxes with everything in them are kept on our engines.

    As long as you install them according to mfg.'s instructions, there is no problem.

    Another thing we do is team up with Lowes and a Pizza store (Papa Johns) in our area. For a few days (weekend, week, something like that) we deliver pizza to random houses. If they let us in the house to check their smoke detectors, they get replacements if needed and if the house is all protected (good batts, detectors according to code, etc) they get their order free!!! If they need work done, or if they don't allow us to check, they have to pay for their order. If they don't let us in, but say they need replacements or detectors, i think we give them to the home owner anyway.

    Just a few ideas for you, they work for us!!!.

    Oh yea, and if they call the station and ask about free detectors, etc. we will go to their house and do a check. (we have daycrew, gives them something more to do durring the day and they get paid the same either way).lol.
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