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    Firgured my DOD brothers would appreciate this. I've yet to hear a good thing about them. We've been complaining for years.

    Now we have MSA's with 9 pound masks. I'm still not content. At least the packs are lighter.

    San Antonio Settles with Interspiro Over SCBA
    The city of San Antonio agreed to a settlement with a manufacturer of firefighting equipment it claimed was faulty.
    In 2006, a number of firefighters complained the masks and air tanks they used were not working properly. Firefighters and city officials said the breathing devices would lock up, causing a complete loss of air to the masks.
    After an attempt at a resolution, the city sued Interspiro, according to city officials.
    "The way we worked it out is that they are essentially giving us our money back, and we are giving them their equipment back," city spokesman Michael Bernard said. "We replaced the equipment with another manufacturer's equipment back in 2006."
    The out-of-court settlement amounts to about $1.8 million, which will be returned to the fire department's budget, Bernard said.

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    As someone whose Dept has MSAs, but has used Scotts-shoulda got the Scotts!

    Either is better than Interspiro though.

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    My first federal assignment: We had the older ISI packs. I thought they were one of the most comfortable, easiest to use packs I ever wore.

    Second assignment: Interspiros. They SUCK. Complicated, a pain in the ***, and if your mask doesn't have that "hatch" thingee, you cant even mask up and not breathe air. Parts melted in extreme heat, they were uncomfortable, and out of service more than they were in service. The only airpack I hate more are the piece of crap Draegers my volly house has now. I would pay to get the old MSA Ultralite II's back.

    Third federal assignment: Scotts. Best damn airpack on the face of the earth.
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    I've only used two styles of MSA's versus two styles of Interspiro.
    I've even trained as an Interspiro repair technician.
    I prefer MSA.
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    woohoo!! screw you interspiro.

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    Sadley still using Interspiro here in the AF Reserves. I have heard that the new MSA's are on the way, but I am not holding my breath.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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    We have ours sitting in one of our bays, but they are waiting for a tech to come teach a few of our guys about servicing them before we put them into service. We pulled one out the other day to check it out, and they are as heavy as the interspiro, but carry a larger 60 minute bottle. Masks are bulkier with more attached accessories.. Voicemitter with built in microphone and radio input with separate but included lapel mike radio attachment.. heads up air supply display.. built in gas mask attachment.. it's a nice looking unit, but like said before.. the mask unit is bulky.


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