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    Default Florida Certifications

    Anyone know if Florida is a ProBoard Qualification state? I have certs from another State that are recognized by ProBoard and wanted to know if they are worth anything in Florida.

    Also....... What does FLA require to transfer NR Paramedic over to Florida?

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    Default Re: Certs

    FL is Pro Board accredited. Check out the link....


    FL Paramedic info...


    I don't want to try and answer this question and give wrong info. Hope this helps.

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    Fl is a Pro Board state but it is only good if you are going out of Florida.

    There is a reciprocity process but EVERYONE is denied because their training does not match Florida.

    I have never heard of anyone able to transfer an out of state FF cert to Florida.

    Paramedic is another story. Follow that link.

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