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    Default Inventory Sheets

    I think replies to threads get overlooked so here are some inventory "know your truck" type sheets that my chief wanted me to work on. What do you all think of them?

    Any suggestions, comments, help appreciated.

    Not finished yet but this is my approach and layout.


    They are online at my 4shared.com account, all you have to do is click on the link. They are ".doc" word documents.
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    Our Chief actually just started doing this same thing this year. Although our list isn't as colorful as yours, what we did was gather a few volunteers to go through all of the compartments and such and just list as many tools, equipment, etc. as possible. Once the entire truck was completely outlined with everything on it, our Chief typed a sheet up for each of our apparatus to use for "truck checks," which are usually done once a month. The sheets are pretty plain, simple, and to the point. They just have the compartment location (example: driver's side, rear roll-up) and then listed below are all of the things in the compartment and so on.
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