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    Black bumpers need to go thou.

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    Default LAFD Battalion Rig

    It looks OK, but I don't understand the need for such a gigantic vehicle for 1 person.

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    Default 2 people

    Two people. The Chief and a staff assistant unless they cut that out.

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    Simple. It's going to hold up. It's a 3/4 ton vehicle that is built to take the abuse that we in the fire service are going to put it through. We've got an Explorer that is absolute garbage because the smaller vehicles are simply not built with the heavy duty components needed for vocations such as fire/rescue and the building trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdickerman View Post
    It looks OK, but I don't understand the need for such a gigantic vehicle for 1 person.
    4 reasons:

    1). LA Battalion Chief run with an Aide

    2). Storage of of their computers and Incident command Items

    3). They use those vehicles to transport firefighters at their large forest fires when they are at the scenes

    4). LA Fire Budget is extremley healthy and they can afford to do so.

    And I do agree they would have looked much sharper with the chrome bumpers, but I am sure with the traffis in LA they were figuring they are just going to get dinged up anyway, so go cheap.
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