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    Default Wyoming fire dept. hiring.

    I know that this goes in the HIRING section but there aren't many postings in Wyoming here so I will post.

    The Mills Fire Dept. in Mills Wyoming (just outside of Casper) has recently switched to a partial career/volunteer dept.

    We have hired several staff members BUT things have been going so well that we are looking at hiring more within the next year.

    We are holding a formal test session on September 12th and 13th in Casper to make up an eligibility list.

    This will be a standard format test with a written, Combat challenge, and oral interview.

    If anybody is interested we are mailing out application packets.

    Please call


    or stop by the Mills Fire Dept. and pick up a packet. Applications will only be accepted until 9-5-08.


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    By any chance will you accept out of state FF applications?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrlaltdelete View Post
    By any chance will you accept out of state FF applications?
    Dude, did you check the "Due Date"
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    Default they were

    They were taking out of state apps. But I think they spoke too soon, they only hired 1 (one) person, and now they are thinking of getting rid of the paid guys all together, and going back to 100% volunteers.

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